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Using Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

use binaural beats for lucid dreaming

The dreams that we dream while asleep are an important part of our lives. People experience all kinds of dreams and, at times, they wake up completely exhausted and scared. While at other times, people experience their happiness and joy in their dreams and when they wake up, their day starts off better than ever. This is the mysterious cycle of dreams.
Scientists have hinted that, most of the times, people dream about 2 things:

– The things and experiences that they wish they could achieve in real life,
– Their fears that they are running from and/or trying to avoid.
Psychologists can broadly guess the behavior pattern of an individual based on the correlation of their dreams (if the patients remember) and their real life experiences. This is where lucid dreaming comes into picture. It puts YOU in the driver seat and lets you control your dreams while you are totally aware of the happenings while dreaming. You might be wondering how you can be in command of your dreams. After all, that’s not what is commonly heard by all of us in our daily lives. However, there is a process. If you stuck to the process, you will get the results that you desire for.

We will briefly share with you as to how can you use binaural beats for lucid dreaming.

Theta Brain Waves

Your brain is hard-wired to nearly all your mental and/or emotional states. Your brain is operated by multiple “waves” depending on a lot of factors. Theta waves are those brain waves that are connected to your dreams that lie in 4-7Hz region. This is known as the theta region. When you are in deep sleep, then your brain is controlled by delta waves: 1-4Hz. And when you are awake, then you are in custody of alpha waves: 7-13Hz.
When you start dreaming, you are in control of the theta brain waves. However, just before you start dreaming, you are in the ambit of delta waves. Lucid dreaming happens when you are in the realm of alpha waves (i.e. you are awake), and then you can quickly transition to the theta state. And that is when you are completely aware of your dreams and can control your dreams. This is termed as lucid dreaming. You can learn more about it here:

Brainwave Entertainment – Binaural Beats

There is something known as brainwave technology. They comprise of audio recordings having pleasing sounds that are specifically designed for lucid dreaming. These sounds are so designed that they guide your brain to the brainwave state that you desire to enter in.
Binaural beats is a form of brainwave entertainment wherein you only require earphones. You learn a proper approach so as to enter into a lucid dream safely.


Paradigm Shift – Creating Your Future

designing your future

What’s a paradigm? It’s a set of beliefs and mental attitudes about an area of your life that helps you in designing your future. This post will demonstrate what this means to change your paradigm, and the new worlds it can open for you.

A paradigm shift is an essential part of your spiritual advancement, because it’s going to give you a notion of what you’re going through when it comes to pass and a paradigm shift definition will be significant to you personally.

Let us say you’ve got to do a job which you despise. You awaken and understand that you simply do not have to do it. There comes a point when you see out manners and chances that were under your nose the complete time, you just blinded yourself. Nothing changed in your scenario from one to another, what changed was you. This can be a paradigm shift definition.

How Can This Apply to Spirituality and Destiny?

This same procedure also applies to our religious lives. Our private internal growth journey can be hard and long. We need to juggle internal work with children, jobs, union, and then an incredible number of other things that keep us occupied. Is a scenario in this way in relation to your own internal work the exact same as a poor employment situation?

The response is it is exactly the same. A paradigm you designed for yourself most probably automatically has blocked you from new methods for working with new duties, from internal development. Occasionally it can look like our religious advancement is set on hold to take care of the pressures of life, and this can be when a paradigm shift definition make new doors and will kick some holes.

Take Actions

Take an instant now where your spirit is hungry for more focus and think about any places of your life. You end up achieving prosperity in life, in addition to the replies you had been trying to find. Trust these even though they might appear improbable, because you will end up in the midst of a paradigm shift.

Bob Proctor gives his insights into paradigm shift which further helps one to permanently change one’s habits by training the subconscious mind.